Cendyn Arcaneo

Cendyn Arcaneo, part of the Cendyn Portfolio, is an innovative, cloud-based event technology and corporate ticket management platform comprised of highly intuitive SaaS applications which are redefining the way events are planned, executed and measured globally.

Cendyn Arcaneo's applications seamlessly integrate with each other creating a highly collaborative platform for planners, suppliers and enterprises to successfully manage every facet of the group business/event lifecycle. As developer of Metron® Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) software, Cendyn Arcaneo is the only company to integrate various SMM solutions, hotel sales tools and planner solutions on a single platform, delivering optimized results and increased ROI to stakeholders.

+1 855 468 1827

980 N. Federal Highway #200Boca Raton, Florida3342United States

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