Meet the Disruptor: Taptrip

11 February 2019

Travel and gaming professionals team up to launch SME travel and expense platform

Team Taptrip

Taptrip is a finalist in this year's Business Travel Show Disrupt Awards (register here). Ahead of the final on Wednesday 20th February we hear from

When were you launched?

We were formed in July 2018 via the Founders Factory incubator programme, which is headed up by Brent Hoberman and Henry Lane-Fox, with support from easyJet, who headline support for travel starts ups.

How many people are working for the company?

We currently have a team of six and a founding team of Thomas Young (CEO and formally of, Jack Timblin (CTO and formally Sky Betting & Gaming), Neil Ruth (CCO and formally of Skyscanner).

Sum up what your company/product does in one sentence

Taptrip is a self-serve business travel and automated expenses solution for SMEs, bringing the personalisation and user experience of a service such as Spotify, Netflix or Amazon, to the business travel world.

Why is it unique?

We have two rules here at Taptrip: 1. Keep it simple and 2. Don't be a d***. These make for both a great product and experience, as we strive towards making business travel completely frictionless.

What problem does it solve?

Our vision is disruption management by predicting delays from integrations with air traffic control, rail providers, to traffic GPS solutions and to automate the onward impacted elements of a journey. We are here to make business travel completely frictionless.

What platforms is it available on/can integrate with?

Taptrip is a web-based platform and fully mobile responsive and app, which is available on iOS and coming to Android imminently. We can integrate into accountancy software and other expenses solutions including Xero, Quickbooks and Expensify.

What markets is it available in?

We have just launched in the UK (Jan 2019) and will be launching across parts of Europe later this year.

Which companies are using it already?

We have a variety of business using Taptrip, the majority of our businesses are SME, who are underserved by the traditional TMC pricing model, or do not have a requirement for a full-time travel manager. We have a range of business, across various verticals, from creative agencies, to recruitment, to government and other travel related business.

What do businesses like about it?

Business are able to optimise the platform to the specifics of their travel policy, on average saving £1,200 per user per year. Businesses are able to track the number of bookings, delays / cancellations and total travel expenditure. Duty of care tracking, shows who is travelling today and the travel information for that individual. Company cards can be assigned in our dashboard to certain individuals or teams. The traveller will never need the company card details, but instead are provided with a four-digit passcode. Approval flows can be added to drive compliance and finally, expenses are automated to track spend. Taptrip Travel is also free to use, forever.

Why do travellers like it?

We've really focused on bringing consumer grade user experience to the business travel world. Taptrip is easy to use, we have leveraged the technology of our inventory partners (Skyscanner,, Uber and GoEuro) and consolidated them into one, simple to use platform across mobile, app and web. Calendar integrations, journey updates and instant booking, make for a more personalised experience and autmomated expenses, negating time consuming and soul destroying manual processes.

What are your growth plans?

We've just taken a second office in our Barclays Eagle Labs offices in Manchester as our team will grow from six to 15 in the next couple of months with some incredible hires, which we are very excited to announce.

We already have rail integrations across 16 European countries with our GoEuro partnership and we will be launching in Germany, Spain and France over the course of the year.

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