Business Travel iQ takes a DeepDive into a specific area of travel management with resources dedicated to a different monthly theme.

We will continue to deliver our great content each week but you’ll also see new DeepDive insights and information from us and partners, plus we'll highlight the relevant reports, Expert comment, analysis, video and other resources from the extensive BTiQ archives.

Here is the calendar.

January 2019: The road to better pay and expense will look at the latest from suppliers and regulation from our payments page

February 2019: Your Business Travel Show 2019 preview

March 2019: Communicating your policy will explore areas such as communication, compliance, policy and stakeholder engagement drawing from pages including policy, communication and team pages

April 2019:The evolution of TMCs draws on the resources from our pages on TMCs, technology, contracting, policy and more

May 2019: Managing travel data effectively expands on the discussion on resources featured on data, contracting and more

June 2019: Accommodation sourcing will add to the conversation on our accommodation resources

July 2019: Going beyond the duty of care basics delves further into the duty of care and crisis management pages

August 2019: Recognise travellers and revamp your programme will continue the discussion around traveller centricity via our policy, new travellers, communication and teams pages, among others

September 2019: Technology at the heart of business travel focuses on the technology, disruptors, payments and many other pages

October 2019: Moving around and between our cities will build on ground transport resources

November 2019: Soaring to better airline relationships will expand on the resources from our air travel page

December 2019: Wrapping up meetings and events spend draws on insight from the meetings page

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