WEBINAR: The evolution of TMCs

Friday 20th April, 11am GMT / 12pm CET

Travel management companies are at a crossroads. It has been said before but now it really appears to be happening.

Consolidation has been a common theme through the TMC sector for the past few years, especially since the global financial crisis. The planned acquisition of HRG by American Express GBT is just the latest, and largest, of these moves. As margins have become tighter and the requirement for investment and larger global footprints have become greater, consolidation has accelerated. Where will it end?

The distribution landscape is also changing again and will bring winners and losers in the same way as the birth of the World Wide Web did in the mid-1990s. Who is well placed to take advantage of these changes?

Against this backdrop, companies are still keen to beat TMCs down on price, arguably pushing transaction fees down to unsustainable levels. Is that the right strategy for a healthy business travel industry? This webinar looks at all these questions. Join our panel of experts Adam KnightsLouise Kilgannon and Trevor Elswood on 20th April to hear what they have to say.

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TMC evolution panel

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