WEBINAR: Improving programme performance using technology and data

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If you own a Lamborghini and neglect it, you wouldn't be surprised if it did not run smoothly. The same is true of your travel programme - without regular maintenance and tweaking, your programme will get you from A to B but will do so with regular sputters, lurches and stops along the way. It is time to give your organisation's business travel a much-needed service.

Tuning your travel programme for high performance needs the best tools and, increasingly, these are technology and data. Technology can help you automate you processes, make them more efficient and help you maximise the value of the data your programme is producing.

Join us on this webinar, brought to you in partnership with FCM, which looks at how to deliver a high octane performance that will meet corporate objectives while improving the traveller experience. Speakers include John Morhous, chief experience officer at FCM, Jean-Michel Kadaner of Areka Consulting and Keesup Choe, CEO of PredictX.

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