WEBINAR: Integrating duty of care seamlessly into your organisation’s travel programme

Clarity partnerThis webinar has now taken place. Find the webinar recording here 

Duty of care is not something that should be bolted on to a travel programme in order to tick a box but instead should be integrated into your travel programme in such a way that it works for both the employer and employee.

We look at the end-to-end journey from both perspectives to see where duty of care intersects with the trip planning and booking processes as well as the business trip itself and reporting and response in the event of an incident, whether that is an everyday occurrence like a road accident or  a rare but high-profile terrorist attack.

This webinar, brought to you in partnership with Clarity, brings together a panel of experts including the TMC's Will Murray, Alex Craxton of SAP Concur and Matthew Judge of Anvil Group to make sure the financial and legislative aspects of duty of care are properly managed.

DOPC panel

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