Will Trump’s travel ban affect business travel?

by Business Travel iQ | 07 December 2017

This week’s Supreme Court ruling means ban can now take effect much sooner than previously anticipated

The US Supreme Court has this week ruled that the third version of President Donald Trump’s travel ban can come into force while further legal challenges continue. The court has also asked the Court of Appeal to expedite its decision on whether the ban is legal.

The travel ban outlined by President Trump in late September is the third attempt to restrict entry to the US by citizens of eight countries – Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and certain groups from Venezuela.

The restrictions vary by country and include business travellers in many cases. The rules do not apply to lawful permanent residents, dual nationals and foreign nationals on diplomatic visas among others.

However, the entry into force of the ban will affect tens of thousands of visitors every year from these countries. The US Yearbook of Immigration Statistics shows the number of temporary non-immigrant visitors from these countries as shown below.

COTW 0712 2

The GBTA previously predicted that Trump’s travel ban would reduce US GDP by $1.6 billion.

Business admissions to the US have been rising, according to figures from the Department for Homeland Security, as shown below.

COTW 0712 1

On the subject of the third ban, Michael W. McCormick, GBTA executive director and COO, said: “The White House has now established clearer criteria and a process for evaluating the admission of foreign visitors into the United States as well as a willingness to engage with other countries to assist them in meeting the mutual beneficial goal of safe travel. Through this process, the federal government was able to raise the level of security for travel into the United States through constructive bilateral engagement.

“However, the damage from the previous executive orders has been done. The initial comprehensive January and March travel bans have created the perception that the United States is closed for business. While security is paramount, the White House should now work to counter that perception. The resulting losses in business travel and trade have left a lasting negative impact on our economy.”

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