The psychology of persuasion webinar

09 March 2018

BTS keynote and best-selling author Steve Martin unveils six principles of persuasion

PredictX logo-whiteIn this webinar we talk about how can you achieve travel programme goals when people are spread across regions, cultures, and time zones, and when playing the “I’m in charge” card is inappropriate.

We look at how the psychology of persuasion can influence your business travellers to stay within policy, book travel in advance and travel efficiently with only minor changes. Hear insight from author Steve Martin, CEO of Influence at Work who gave the keynote at Business Travel Show 2018 and Keesup Choe, CEO of PredictX. 

Watch the webinar in full or jump to these times to hear the discussion on different areas.

00:00 Meet the panel, why travel is a difficult procurement category and why influencing traveller behaviour is the biggest prize

06:12 Steve Martin on how travel managers can use the psychology of persuasion to manage their travel programmes

38:07 The opportunities for companies who successfully combine data analytics and behavioural science

51:55 Questions from listeners and BTiQ

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