Intelligent airfare management webinar

10 July 2017

Tools like Yapta, MyFareBox and Amex GBT's Air Re-Shop Expert change the airline pricing game

New re-booking technology and flight consolidators have added another dynamic to air programmes. In this webinar you can learn about three such products from James Filsinger, CEO of Yapta; Norman Gage, VP of sales and marketing Europe at Mystifly/MyFareBox and Liza Lewis, senior manager, global product marketing at American Express Global Business Travel' on its new Air Re-Shop Expert.

The panel, which also includes John Bukowski, Amex GBT's director - global content and distribution strategy, then answer various questions relating to the savings opportunities, working with airlines and the effect of NDC on these services.

A copy of the report that James Filsinger mentions is available to download here.

Watch the webinar in full or jump to these times to hear the discussion on different areas.

00:00 – Introduction to Yapta and MyFareBox.

12:44 - Liza Lewis of Amex GBT shares how its working with Yapta for its new Air Re-Shop Expert product.

15:32 - Questions to the panel start, firstly asking whether re-booking could be extended after the current 24-hour window, whether the results for re-booking are as satisfactory in EMEA markets and the ease of incorporating these tools into the TMC workflow.

20:03 – John Bukowski answers the question of how the airlines are feeling about these new technologies and the panel talk about their technologies in relation to corporate negotiated fares.

23:59 – Norman Gage discusses whether MyFareBox is ready for NDC and what effect it could have.

26:53 – Do re-booking tools mean the end of negotiated airline deals? James Filsinger answers with statistics from Yapta while Liza Lewis shares what Amex GBT has seen.

31:41 – Will we look at airfares differently as a result of NDC? John Bukowski shares his view and Norman Gage raises the question of who would want to be using ancillaries

38:47 – James Filsinger delves into Yapta’s research on airfare volatility on city pairs. Download Yapta's 2016 report here. This is followed by a discussion on whether codeshare flights can bring savings.

43:47 – How the Lufthansa Group, IAG and American Airline NDC strategies could change Amex GBT’s products and how Yapta develops.

49:50 – How will airfares be booked in the future?

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