Meet the Disruptors: flightsayer

19 April 2017

Boston-based firm’s technology predicts the likelihood of delays on air routes

Bala ChandranCould analysing data identify which future flights are more likely to be delayed? That’s what the company in our latest edition of Meet the Disruptors does. BTiQ quizzed flightsayer’s co-founder and CEO Bala Chandran.

When were you launched?

May 2015.

How many people are working for the company?

We are a growing group of seven in three locations: Boston (our headquarters), Denver, and St. Louis.

Sum up what your company/product does in one sentence.

flightsayer uses predictive analytics to identify air travel delays before they happen—letting travellers plan ahead, book smarter and react wiser to potential delays or cancellations.

Why is it unique?

The current travel start-up space is crowded with services that aim to make planning travel easy—flightsayer works to not only make picking a flight smoother but to also make it easier to avoid flight delays and cancellations before they happen. We want to help travellers be able to act, not react, to what is impacting their itineraries. Instead of flight tracking we monitor flights for users—anticipating future delay and alerting them to potential problems.

What problem does it solve?

Anticipating delays before they occur means you’re less likely to miss an important meeting or life event because of your flight. Flight delays cost the US economy more than $20 billion in increased operating costs and lost productivity, and that’s a conservative estimate, so decreasing impact of delays helps both airlines and travellers.

What platforms is it available on and can integrate with?

We have a consumer-facing web site and a soon-to-be released app on iOS and Android. Partners and application developers can access our predictions and monitor flights via a simple API to improve monetisation and complement their own offerings.

What markets is it available in?

Currently delay predications are offered on domestic US flights. But we are working to expand into Europe and Canada by summer 2017, and then onto the rest of the world.

Which companies are using it already?

There are several early adopter programmes and pilots with GDSs, travel technology providers, leading TMCs, airlines and even direct-to-corporate customers.

What are your growth plans?

We’re looking to expand pilots with direct-to-corporate customers and TMCs, leverage our API and forge further partnerships with TMCs and technology providers that serve business travellers. We are also looking forward to launching our consumer-facing app and our roll-out in Europe, Canada and the rest of the world.

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