Meet BTiQ Experts and advisory board at Business Travel Show

12 February 2018

Several of our Experts and advisory board members are speaking at the show, 21-22 February. Here’s where to find them

Tuesday 20th February (hosted buyers only, sold out)

13:30 – Expert Jeroen Hurkmans, Advito with Allison Webb, Centrica; Peter Grover, TripBAM; David Barlett, Marriott and Xaveer Fluitman, for Business on The great hotel rate non-availability crisis – what can buyers do about it?

15:15 Advisory board members Rudiger Bruss, Continental; Rod Richardson, The Wellcome Trust and Marijke Poppink on Silicon Valley behemoths – What’s the best way to work with the likes of Uber and Airbnb?

Wednesday 21st February

10:00 – Nikki Rogan, advisory board member and Dominic Short, Takeda host an Inside Track session (hosted buyers only) on ‘Inside my global travel programme’

10:00 - Carol Randall, Sage Consulting and BTiQ Expert is joined by Kerrie Henshaw-Cox, AstraZeneca on successful TMC and OBT implementations (hosted buyers only)

11:30 - Marijke Poppink, consultant and advisory board member hosts a session on choosing, implementing and maximising online booking and expense management tools

13:00 - Advisory board member Gianni Salvadori from Melia Hotels International is part of a panel also made of Jan Jacobsen, AIG; Elis Kodra, CWT and Erika Bucsi and Jean Squires of Cvent discussing corporate sourcing

16:00 – Rod Richardson, The Wellcome Trust and advisory board member discusses re-thinking travel policies alongside Liam Ash, IHG; Linda Clark, HR specialist; Alex Cousins, CTM; Jo Lloyd, Nina and Pinta and Carolyn Pearson, Maiden Voyage

Thursday 22nd February

10:00 – Experts Chris Baker, Concur and Trevor Elswood, Capita join Carolyn Pearson, Maiden Voyage on taking the risk out of business travel

10:15 – Two Experts Johnny Thorsen, Mezi and Keesup Choe, PredictX and advisory board member Nicola Lomas, International SOS are talking all things AI and bots with Yvonne Moya, Festive Road and Florien Stege, Voya

11:30Baker and Elswood are back on stage together with Mark Cuschieri, UBS; Steve Martin, Influence at Work and Jo Lloyd, Nina and Pinta for ‘Nudge, nudge – engage your travellers to choose smarter behaviour’

13:00 - Expert and consultant Chris Pouney and advisory board member and consultant Marijke Poppink are on a panel with Simon Heath, AstraZeneca and Alexander Blunt, FCM Travel Solutions on ‘Are we getting a good price – why it’s time to audit and re-book your airfares and hotel rates’

13:00Adam Knights, ATPI and BTiQ Expert runs ‘Enhancing your traveller’s experience through disruptive technology’  

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